1. Working on a lot of different paintings this week!

  2. Hi I’m still here. Messing around with a bunch of pieces today. Excited that I have tomorrow off to paint too— stay tuned for more updates as these paintings evolve.

  3. At the end of July, I had the exciting opportunity to show my work at La Prima Taza in Lawrence, KS at a unique opening as  part of The Dinner Party Project (the work is up through the end of August!). The show, titled “Suspect Saccharine,” featured 9 new paintings of mine, and the amazing coordinating decor and cuisine was organized by Emily Johnson, the talented curator behind The Dinner Party Project. Those amazing colorful cakes inspired by my paintings were baked by the talented Abby Benson of Apple of My Pie Bakery. 

  4. Weird vibrations in the studio today. Not sure if the left one is done yet. Just getting started on the orange one and it’s interesting how quickly it’s becoming something else than what it started out as in my head, but in a good way. I gotta let it sit for a day or two while I reprocess.

  5. Long overdue update from my studio! Here’s some pieces I’m just getting started on. Stay tooned for more shots as they progress.


  6. Updated my artist website with a ton of new paintings I’ve done recently. Check it out!

  7. Working on lots of pieces today, starring fluorescent colors!

  8. Latest studio shenanigans. All in progress works.

  9. 2 weird colorful things I’m working on today!


  10. This blog is about trying to put the inner workings of my studio out there to share my process and what leads up to my finished paintings. As such, I think it’s important for me to share what some of my artist friends are up to, because that community is SUCH a critical inspiration to my practice and what goes on behind the scenes for my work. So  from now on, expect occasional features of my friends who are also makers!


    Yesterday I had an awesome studio visit from my friend Jamie Owens, who graduated from MCAD with me last December. He gave me some great feedback about some paintings I have in progress. It was great to catch up and connect over our individual experiences navigating the “art world” since graduating.— talking curation, found objects, art vs. design, and rejection letters.

    He is a total renaissance man, creating video work, paintings, installations, and more! Be sure to check out his work!